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Accessing Your Account and Services

In principle and by default, e-INFRA CZ Account doesn't have own credentials. You are supposed to log in with your home organization account, which is something you should use and know from your daily work/study life.

You need to use the same account from the same organization, which was used during e-INFRA CZ Account creation.

You might have encountered a similar principle in services provided by other research infrastructures or in the commercial world, where web services like e-shops offers you to create and access an account by actually using your Google or Facebook accounts.

Access using additional accounts

You can associate additional accounts from a different organizations you are affiliated with and use any of them to access your e-INFRA CZ Account. You can even add private accounts from social providers like Google, Microsoft, ORCID or Czech MojeID.

Login Process

The following section describes the generic login process, which is the same for all services with web-based interfaces managed by e-INFRA CZ AAI. Such services usually provide one or both of the following ways to log in.

  • Log in with your home organization account
  • Log in with your e-INFRA CZ password

Log in With Your Home Organization Account

The first way to log in, where you choose from a different options, is more commonly used as it can also contain the second way to log in under the name e-INFRA CZ password. Whole login process then consist of following steps:

  1. You try to access the service
  2. You are asked to log in
  3. You are offered with the selection of organizations/options to choose from
  4. You choose your home organization/option
  5. You are redirected to your home organization IdP (login form)
  6. You log in with the credentials from your home organization account
  7. If successful you are redirected back to the service

Limitation of available options

Each service can independently decide, which organizations / options are available to choose from.

For example, you might not be able to log in with one of the social provider accounts or by e-INFRA CZ password even if they are associated with your e-INFRA CZ Account. Such options are either completely missing from the list or are greyed out.

All possible options are available when accessing e-INFRA CZ User Profile and other administrative interfaces related to your e-INFRA CZ Account to make sure you will always get access to your account.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You can enhance security of your e-INFRA CZ Account by enabling MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). In such a case login process contains one additional step, in which you verify one of your registered MFA tokens.

You can read more about it in MFA overview section.

Log in With Your e-INFRA CZ Password

In this case service usually displays simple login form where you fill in your credentials (your e-INFRA CZ login and password) and submit the form.

Alternatively if the service is actually using the first way to log in, this option is called e-INFRA CZ password.

Non-Web Services

Non-web services are by their nature using different means to authenticate the user and exact description of how to access them should be a part of service specific documentation.

They often use either login / password combination or SSH keys. In such a case it usually means e-INFRA CZ login/password and SSH keys associated with your e-INFRA CZ Account (managed on User Profile application).

e-INFRA CZ Login/Password

As stated above, by default e-INFRA CZ Account doesn't have or require you to create any new credentials. However, some e-INFRA CZ services might, by their nature, require you to have login and password associated with your account.

You are not required nor advised to create them in advance. You will choose your login and password when you register for first service which requires them. These credentials are shared for all such services. They are referred to as e-INFRA CZ login or e-INFRA CZ password and can be used for both web and non-web based services.

Once set, you can manage your e-INFRA CZ credentials (e.g. change / reset password) through e-INFRA CZ User Profile.

Compliance with Access Policy

When you log in with your e-INFRA CZ password, we are not provided with the fresh information about your affiliation with your home organization and your compliance with Access Policy can't be determined. So this option can't be used to renew your e-INFRA CZ Account.

Last update: May 3, 2023