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Account creation

Your e-INFRA CZ Account is automatically created when you try to access and register within the first service provided by one or more Operators of the e-INFRA CZ. You can also create your account in advance.

During the registration you are required to log in with an account from your home organization (e.g. University) in order to prove your identity and compliance with Access Conditions. Later, you can access your account and services in the same way. See more in Accessing your account and services section.

Access Conditions

The creation of e-INFRA CZ Account is open to all persons from the academic community in the Czech Republic for the research purposes only.

Exact description can be found in Access Conditions document ( English version / Czech version).

Service-specific access conditions

In addition to above Access Conditions, each e-INFRA CZ sub-service may require its own access conditions usually described on the service registration page.

Compliance With Access Conditions

Your compliance with Access Conditions (especially your affiliation with academic organization) is usually evaluated automatically during your registration or when accessing the service. Alternatively, you can be asked to renew your account periodically, during which the compliance is checked again.

Technically, when you log in to your e-INFRA CZ Account or service with an account from your home organization (e.g. University), your organization will issue necessary information about you to us.

In case your compliance can't be evaluated automatically (information is not provided by your organization) you might be asked to perform some additional steps by service operators.

Users' Duties

Based on the amendment of Act No. 130/2002 Coll. on the support of research and development from public funds and on the amendment to some related acts, which governs the reporting of R&D results generated using large research infrastructures (LRIs), users are required to comply with the following reporting obligations.

  • Mandatory acknowledgment phrase in publications
  • Attachment of e-INFRA CZ to R&D results generated using this LRI

The acknowledgements and the publication registration are very important. It is a necessary procedure that allows us to continue providing high-end computational resources to all academic and research institutions in the Czech Republic.

Mandatory Acknowledgment Phrase

Your publications must contain following acknowledgment phrase.

Czech version

Tato práce byla podpořena Ministerstvem školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy
České republiky prostřednictvím e-INFRA CZ (ID:90254).

English version

This work was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of
the Czech Republic through the e-INFRA CZ (ID:90254).

Attachment of e-INFRA CZ to R&D Results Generated Using This LRI

When entering a record with your R&D result obtained with the support of e-INFRA CZ into an information system used to centralize the collection and export of your organization's R&D results to RIV, select the e-INFRA CZ research infrastructure from the code list of financial resources.

If this resource is not in your code list, ask the administrator of this information system to add a new financial resource.

The complete information required to add the large e-INFRA CZ research infrastructure to the financial resources code list is as follows:

LRI name: e-INFRA CZ
Implementation period: January 1st 2023 - December 31st 2026
LRI Number/code: 90254
Type of LRI funding for RIV: J  Large Research Infrastructure
Funding provider: MEYS
Programme: LM  Large Research Infrastructure projects for R&D&I
Principal Investigator: Ing. Jakub Papírník

Last update: October 30, 2023