Our container platform is based on Kubernetes orchestrator and docker container images. We addopted rancher Kubernetes distribution so our platform UI is available through Rancher Dashboard. Currently, the platform is built on Linux and x86_64 binary architecture (no Arm or Microsoft Windows is possible), we provide GPU accelerators (currently NVIDIA only), and SSD storage. Soon, we will provide also InfiniBand 100Gbps interconnect fabrics.

In general, this platform can be used for almost anything starting with a simple web application, see hello world example, continuing to running whole remote desktop, see e.g., ansys application, or running complex workflow pipeline, see e.g., nextflow.

This platform offers users to focus solely on their applications, so that required knowledge comprises of using the application or containerizing the application only. In the latter case, knowledge of creating dockerfiles is required (see dockerfile section). However, almost no knowledge of infrastructure is needed such as mounting NFS and so on.

To be able to use this platform, academic affiliation or sponsored account is required. User can login via CESNET AAI, Elixir AAI or EGI AAI. No additional membership is required for default project with limited resources.

End user can use this platform in the following three ways:

  1. Utilize prepared applications by infrastructure, see Rancher Applications in navigation on the left.

  2. Utilize existing docker images from all over the world hosted at a registry such as hub.docker.com, in this case, see limitations.

  3. Skilled users can also prepare their own application by themselves, see dockerfile section.

Last update: August 5, 2022